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Executive Bylaws

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2015-2016 Board and Directors:

President: Phyllis O. Burnett
V. President: Tara Butler-Sahai
Secretary:Ann Marie Gailius/Phyllis O. Burnett
Treasurer:Ann Marie Gailius

Jeanine Di Menna
Rosemary Dilgard
Tony Jimenez
Dave Jurlina
Joel Meirowitz, Esq.
Rosemary Olsen

Historian: Rich Hall

Yearly membership dues of $125.00

Fee structure

Kiwanis International dues $42.00

Kiwanis International donation $12.50

State Contribution $12.50

Kiwanis Magazine $8.00

District fees $19.50

ESK Magazine $4.50

Insurance $11.90

Div dues $7.00

Bal of $7.10 goes directly to the club




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