In this area we will offer suggestions that have been recommended to help the children of our community. If you feel you have something to ad contact us.

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Dealing with Bullies

What options should be

presented to anyone who is a victim of bullying?

According to the web site of school

violence authority Derek Randel (

1. Spend time with friends. there is safety in numbers

2. If possible ignore the bully or tell him/her to stop. Walk away instead of standing there.

3. Always tell an adult- a trusted one like a teacher, principal, parent or someone in your family.
4. Stay in safe areas of the school during lunch and breaks. Do not go to the bathroom alone, or walk around alone on the playground.
5. Always stay where there are plenty of other people: never wander off on your own.
6. Sit near the driver on the bus. Refuse to go to the back of the bus where the bullies maybe sitting.
7. On your way to and from school,vary the route if possible: walk with others people even if they're younger or older.

8. If you receive threatening phone call or e-mails, contact your police.

9. Consider martial arts training (karate, judo).

This helps numerous children with their self-confidence.

10. Learn one-liners, these are short lines to stop being pulled into an argument.
11. Avoid eye contact. This can get the bully started and also it may show your fear.
12. Increase your number of friends.
13. Look at your body language. carry your head high, shoulders back, chest out and walk like you own the place.
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